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For the past 30 years, has been the innovator

and the inspiring force behind Salsa dancing

in Vancouver

* Year 2000 and 2001 Creator of the first and second World Salsa

Congresses in Vancouver

* Award winner as one of the most influential Latin American in Vancouver

* Organizer of numerous local salsa dance competitions

* Organizer of numerous tours and cruises to the Caribbean and Mexico Riviera

* Has vast experience as an instructor and choreographer for movies and TV shows

* Ex-instructor of the 2 times World Salsa champions

* Ex- instructor of most BC champions and the one time Seattle champions

* Has 30 years of experience teaching and performing locally and internationally

* Was invited to tour Asia and Europe with the

top ten teams in the world

* Has Performed in many different countries

* Performed with his team in every major performance hall and theater in the Lower Mainland

* Traveled in 72 countries

* Multilingual – fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Greek